Professional Auto Collision is different!

We have’t sold out to your insurance company to be on a “recommended” list. Body shops that are on a “recommended” list are recommended, because they give a kickback to your insurance company to be. Who do you think that body shop is going to be looking out for, you or the insurance company that feeds them?

Rather than give money to your rich insurance company in exchange for being recommended, we put that hard earned money back into your pocket. We help pay your insurance deductible. Call today to find out how.

Professional Auto collision has a “never pay more than your insurance company’s estimate” guarantee. Simply, you will never pay more than what your insurance company is willing to pay to have your car properly and safely repaired at Professional Auto collision.

Written lifetime warranty applies to everything but rust repair.

Call or stop in today at one of our locations… We’d love to help!

Oh yeah, free loaners too!